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Mobile On-The-Go Processing

Your mobile payments solution is here. Receive payments anywhere from your customers for your small, medium, or large business. We make on-the-go transactions via phone, tablet, or other mobile devices easy and fast.

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Mobile Processing for Your Business

With our Mobile Payment Acceptance Service, you can:

  • Accept cards on your cellphone or tablet
  • Take advantage of easy-to-use Android and iOS apps
  • Use Bluetooth EMV readers with swipe and NFC functionality
  • Manage your accounts, inventory, and settings with our web dashboard

What Is a Mobile Card Reader?

A mobile card reader, or MCR, is a wireless tool you pair through Bluetooth  to your phone or tablet to accept debit and credit card payments . These small and compact machines allow you to swipe cards, receive chip cards, and conduct contactless payments.

Modern mobile card readers are equipped with security features that protect you and your customers’ information. Mobile card readers also come with Android and iOS apps to aid transaction and report processing.

You’ve got options for your mobile payments.

Point of Sale Consultants Mobile Terminal Options include:

  • Swipe Simple — Get up and running in minutes.
  • CloverGo — Lower fees solution for mobile payments.
  • Clover Flex — Mobile POS with built-in printer, camera, and barcode scanner.
  • PAX A920 Pro — Android terminal with screen, scanner, and speed.
  • DeJavoo P3 — Android device with Bluetooth capabilities and PIN Pad.
  • Valor VL110 — Large touchscreen with smart tips and bill-splitting options.

Mobile card readers work in 4 easy steps

  1. Connect your mobile device to your phone
  2. Enter the desired amount and a tip
  3. Enter a signature
  4. Confirm

You may choose to send receipts to your customers via text or email.

Get Your Mobile Card Reader and Start Accepting Payments On-The-Go

POS Consultants wants you to have the best mobile payment acceptance experience with your customers. It’s why we provide white glove services and concierge-level support to our clients.

Whether you have a restaurant, cafe, creative business, retail company, health and beauty store, or a municipality, we’re here to help you make accepting payments easy.

Contact us today and let’s chat about your mobile payment options!

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