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Become a merchant with Point of Sale Consultants and enjoy stress-free, seamless payment acceptance solutions! Our concierge-level service and support will not let you down.

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Our Payment Acceptance Solutions 

Point of Sale Consultants offers a range of POS Systems and payment acceptance products and services including stand-alone terminals, online gateways, mobile devices, and e-Commerce integration solutions.  

Zero-Fee Processing

Want to avoid all or a substantial portion of your credit card processing fees? With our zero-fee processing programs, you can!  Imagine receiving your monthly processing statement with only a $25 charge for your sales each month!  Money in your pocket!

With zero-fee processing, customers have the option of paying a small percentage of their purchase if they use a card, and if they agree, you receive 100% of your sale just like cash!  These programs can also be customized to suit your business needs.

Credit Card Terminals

Modern credit card terminals now match new technologies — They’re smart and fast. Customers pay. You print, email, or text receipts.

If you want to offer your customers convenience, learn about our credit card terminals for contactless payments, chip card processing, and an array of new  features. Make payment flexibility and security a perk of doing business with you.

Mobile Processing

Give your customers the freedom to pay how they want — and you’ll get more customers! It’s that simple.

With mobile payment acceptance, you can accept payments from smart devices,  wirelessly through Bluetooth,  or with a swipe. Customers will receive their receipts via email or text. Our mobile processors are compatible with all mobile device types and work through user-friendly mobile applications.

Invoicing Systems

We make it a breeze to send customized invoices that reflect your brand and messaging.

Customers will find it easier to pay you from their mobile device in just a few steps! Meanwhile, you stay organized with our user-friendly software that allows invoice filtering and late and unpaid payment reminders for your customers.


Credit cards are the most popular payment method for e-Commerce businesses. We stay on top of industry trends to determine which payment solutions are best for your business.

Location, laws, regulations, taxes… all of these should play a role in deciding which virtual terminal and payment merchant system is best for your business. With our experience and insight, you will feel like you’ve found the golden ticket to a payment gateway that will maximize profits for your e-commerce store.

Loyalty + Gift Cards

Rest easy with our loyalty and gift card solutions. Set your business up to strengthen loyalty, boost future purchases, and attract new customers.

Who doesn’t like rewards? Point of Sale Consultants will customize your loyalty and rewards program to ensure you’re tracking and using customer data to connect with your existing customer base and to incentivize your audience to do business with you.


Have questions about our full-suite white glove services? Our sales team is happy to address concerns, explore solutions, and make it easy for you to process payments.

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