Zero-Fee Processing

Not a fan of Credit Card Fees? Neither are we!

With zero-fee processing, customers have the option of paying a small percentage of their purchase if they use a card, and if they agree, you receive 100% of your sale just like cash!  These programs can also be customized to suit your business needs.

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What is Zero-fee Processing? 

Zero-fee processing, also called zero-cost credit card processing, free credit card processing, zero-cost processing, 0% processing, and zero-fee merchant account… ALL mean the same thing: 

It’s a legal method for conducting sales transactions where credit card costs are passed along to your customers. This fee varies but is never more than 4%. The fee can also be adjusted to meet your business needs. The customer is notified about the charge and may choose to pay by cash or use a debit card, which can also have no fee if you choose. Meanwhile, you can enjoy 100% of your sales!

Zero-Fee Processing Means You: 

  • Receive 100% from credit card and/or debit card sales 
  • You are in full compliance with state laws
  • Terminals give your customers automatic surcharge amount alerts
  • Fully or partially offset your overall processing costs

POS Consultants’ RewardPay Program

Our RewardPay Program terminal technology makes it easy for you to gain from Zero-Fee Processing. We’ll help you integrate it into your business with concierge-level service and support.

Benefits Include:

  • Savings: ZERO fees mean you save by gaining 100% of the sale amount. Use what you would have spent on fees to reinvest and grow!
  • Compliance: All major credit card networks allow credit card surcharging and cash discounting, as do 47 U.S. states.  We will make sure to follow all applicable laws in your state regarding surcharging and cash discounting.
  • Automation: Our RewardPay terminal does all the work.  It identifies Credit vs. Debit transactions and  notifies customers of the fees and offers alternative payment routes.
  • Customization:  The fee passed to the customer can be customized to meet your individual business preference.
  • Adoption:  Industry studies have shown that over 52% of businesses are now doing some type of surcharging or cash discounting. Customers are aware of the many businesses that are implementing surcharging and cash discounting programs and are typically understanding if it is explained properly by your cashiers. We will train your staff on how to properly explain the need for the newly added fee.


Calculate Your Potential Savings TODAY! 

While you may still incur a very minimal monthly cost for having your merchant account with a surcharging or cash discount program, zero-fee processing puts money in your pocket to cover those costs, potentially saving you 50-100% of your overall card processing fees. 

Want to know if you qualify, and receive an estimate of how much you could save with RewardPay or Zero-fee processing? With POS Consultants’ white glove services, we will carefully and professionally dive into your business processing fees and prepare a customized analysis.

To get started, reach out to Carmen Gates at (314) 440-8584 or email  There’s no obligation. Reach out today!

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