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Build Store Traffic

POS Consultants offers gift and loyalty card programs through our partner NPC. NPC's Gift/Loyalty Card program looks, feels and acts just like a major credit card. The difference is your business controls what is accepted and how it is used. Each card is cashier activated with a unique electronically encoded account number stored on a magnetic stripe.

Our Gift/Loyalty Card offers stored value or reward. A stored value card allows your business to provide customers with a secure and flexible form of payment.

NPC's Gift/Loyalty Card program also allows your business to track usage and offer rewards. With the accumulation of points for service, loyalty cards encourage repeat customers.

Benefits and Features

  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Increases Store Traffic
  • Eliminates Costly Backroom Accounting
  • Gives all Details and Totals on Standard Reports
  • Offers Customizable Features for Reporting and Operating
  • Activated at Point of Sale (POS)
  • Can be loaded at POS for any Value
  • Validates Authorized Transactions and Captures Data on Host Servers
  • Produces a Transaction Receipt on the POS Printer
  • Provides Daily Totals via POS System
  • Includes 24/7 Merchant Help Desk Support

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