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Check & ACH Processing

POS Consultants offers comprehensive solutions for check processing at the Point of Sale (POS). Whether you need to add a simple check reading system to your already existing POS system or you need an integrated credit card and check processing platform, POS Consultants has a solution for your needs.

Review our check processing solutions here and then call us to consult with you and tailor a check processing system to your needs.


NPC Check 21 Plus is a comprehensive check processing solution that allows merchants to electronically process ALL TYPES OF CHECKS, including Business Checks

Regardless of how checks are received, merchants can electronically process them. NPC CHECK 21 PLUS supports checks that are accepted at the Point of Sale (POS) and in instances where the check write is not present – such as mail-in, drop box or lock box environments (Remote Deposit Capture, or RDC)

NPC Check 21 covers the spectrum of check processing solutions

Check 21 Plus POS

  • Supports both guaranteed and non-guaranteed check services, and is tailored to the retail customers where face-to-face (POS) business is prevalent.
  • All types of checks are acceptable in the POS environment – Personal, Business Checks, Equity Line Checks, Government Section 8 Rent Checks, Money Orders – and if offered at the same discount rate as our traditional program.

Check 21 Plus Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

  • Perfect for merchants who receive check payments when consumers are not present, replacing ARC Lockbox and Back Office Conversion (ROC) when all types of checks need to be accepted.
  • RDC also features a check guarantee service.

Benefits of NPC Check 21 Processing Services:

  • All types of checks are acceptable with NPC Check 21 Plus – personal, business, corporate, equity line checks, government Section 8 rent checks, money order and travelers checks.
  • Ideal for BOC/ARC and POS environments
  • Sales typically increase by accepting all types of checks
  • Funds are generally released to your business within 2 business days
  • NO ACH restrictions
  • Assists in eliminating bad checks with the guarantee program
  • Almost all check types can be guaranteed
  • No separate account is required, the merchant can use an existing checking account.

Additional NPC Check Processing Programs for Personal Checks:

eGold Check is an electronic conversion service with guaranteed funding for accepting personal checks. Required in a face-to-face environment, you swipe the check turning it into an electronic transaction, similar to a credit card, and hand the check back to your customer.

eGold Quick Service Program is customized for specific business types where the average check payment is $25 or under.

eSilver Check is a convenient conversion service for businesses accepting personal checks who historically do not have a bad check problem, but like the benefits of electronic conversion. Also required in a face-to-face environment, you swipe the check and hand back to your customer, eliminating the need to manually deposit the check in to your bank account. Funds are not guaranteed as authorization only verifies the check writer has a zero problem history.

Checks-by-Phone is a convenient program for accepting personal checks over the telephone, only requiring that you use a virtual POS to input each transaction. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed funding options are available depending upon your needs.

NPC Check Recovery This revolutionary approach to collecting non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks will satisfy businesses as well as their customers. NPC Check Recovery provides businesses with a fast, simple method of collecting funds on returned checks, and provides access to this simple service at no additional cost. NPC Check Recovery will electronically recover NSF checks, which will save you time and money trying to collect on such items.